The control of the supply chain management and implementation of traceability from source, is one of the most important issues of today's industry requirements. MORE


Almost all of our products get transported by containers, in large vessels. WICTRADE's purchasing power ensures preferential rates with shipping lines and attention MORE

Quality Control

Consistency in good quality can only be achieved by ensuring origin factories maintain good manufacturing practices and implement internationally recognized quality control standards. MORE


Present day economic conditions have necessitated most of our customers to ask for Just In Time deliveries. As shipping schedules can be unpredictable and Import restrictions MORE

About us

WICTRADE is an international trader of wide range of agricultural produce such as spices, dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, herbs, coffee and food ingredients.
Established in trading hub, Dubai, WICTRADE ships spices from China, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Guatemala, and Madagascar directly to buyers in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Reliability, expertise, quality-consciousness and trustworthiness have always been and will be the key elements of our business. In today's volatile business environment with potential risks, WICTRADE with its proven reputation and track record, plays a key role in eliminating those risks for its clients, by securing the proper and timely execution of its contracts whatever the situation.

Using the latest communication technologies, we source and distribute a wide range of spices materials and food ingredients to and from over 30 countries worldwide.

WICTRADE boasts to be one of the most reliable and expertized trading companies. We fulfil commitments to buyers and sellers by receiving and delivering produce in strict compliance with agreed terms and specifications. Everyone we deal with is considered a partner, from the plantations, farmers and co-operatives growing the produce, to consumers in destination countries.

We are in constant contact with growing areas and regularly visit production centres to keep buyers fully informed of market developments and crop forecasts. This also keeps us up to date with the current quality of different products.

Our close involvement in the transport, processing, storage, analysis, finance and distribution stages adds further value to our trading activities and enhances the range and quality of our service to customers.

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